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Friday, 13 May 2011 19:31
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Welcome to Fountain Inn, South Carolina
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Fountain Inn, South Carolina

“The Diamond Tip of the Golden Strip”

       “Front Porch of The Upstate"  


John R. Hastings, Sr. 

Fountain Inn Chamber

Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Welcome to the “Front Porch of The Upstate”

The phrase “Front Porch of The Upstate” brings back memories for me and so many others from decades gone

by. Those times when life moved a little bit slower, and families would gather on their porches just to relax

and enjoy teach other's company. This is the feeling I trust you will encounter here in this beautiful southern

city known as Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

Several years ago, Fountain Inn had a choice to make: remain the same with closed storefronts,

losing businesses, tourists, and even families to the larger cities. Or, make some important changes

to make life better for all. We chose the latter, making many positive changes to our downtown

business district, yet maintaining that important “feel” of a small southern town.

The City of Fountain Inn, Economic Development, the Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce, the

wonderful citizens and businesses of Fountain Inn, along with many others, have done an outstanding

job of transforming the downtown area and beyond. Everyone worked hard, and everyone worked together.


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